How to shop for swimwear for your next Summer holiday

for your next Summer holiday

July is one of the most popular travel months for those who live in the United States and the United Kingdom, which means you’re probably getting ready to vacay in style now at the travel hotspots of your choice to have fun, chill, and get your party mode on.

But before that sun-soaked vision becomes a reality, you’re probably feeling the stress of getting your holiday wardrobe into high gear—namely your swimsuits, or lack thereof.

Unlike getting your hair and nails holiday-ready, shopping for bathing suits isn’t exactly the most enjoyable of vacay preparations in the world. To top it off, selecting a swimsuit is something of a science that changes from year to year because our bodies are in a constant state of evolution—just as they should be.

Swim Bazaar is here to make your swimsuit shopping experience an enjoyable and easy one, so you can skip the stress and let your holiday relaxing begin.

Just get on board and follow some of these easy-breezy steps.

Forget about surfing the internet—this will help you focus on surfing those waves instead!

Figure out your swimwear styles

This might seem like a no-brainer, but looking for the right swimsuit is like looking for certain qualities in a new friend.

Do you want a one-piece that is put together but still looks trendy and chic? One that doesn’t look like something your grandmother used to wear? Or do you want a classic bikini or maybe one with a bit more flair? A tankini may be an option for those that prefer a sporty style and want to get immersed in some water sports during the holiday.

You may already have a colour in mind, or a bohemian-style print might be more on point for you. When you have a cut-and-dry idea of what you’re looking for in a bathing suit, you’ll have an easier time spotting it.

Take your measurements and estimate your size

Once you find the swimsuit of your dreams, Swim Bazaar recommends having your measurements on hand so you can choose the best size for you across brands and products.

Use a tape measure to get the most accurate measurements so you can be completely comfortable in your purchases and won’t have to deal with the frustration of not getting the right sized suit in time for your holiday.

There are a few things worse than getting a holiday off to a bad start by not having everything you need.

The sizes and fits may not be exactly the same among all brands so check the size chart of the brand you’re shopping to get a better idea about what would look best on you.

Have a personal swimsuit fashion show

One of the perks of ordering online is that you’ll be able to try your swimsuit on in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Make it an even better experience by trying on your swimsuit in good lighting, and when you’re in a good mood.

Swimsuits especially can make anyone a little wary and critical, so be kind to yourself, play an upbeat playlist, and strut your stuff!

Get a sarong for a splash of glam

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious even with a swimsuit that has the best fit, a sarong can offer extra cover with ease on dry land. A sarong is also easy enough to take off before you head into the water.

A bohemian-style, printed sarong can make for a beautiful addition to your summer fit—whether your swimsuit is a one or two-piece. Providing a boost of confidence in all the right places, a sarong is a must-have!

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