One-piece swimsuit styles you need to know about

 one-piece swimsuit styles

It’s 2022 and I think we can all agree that one-piece swimsuit styles have surpassed the label of boring or traditional. 

Modern one-pieces are some of the trendiest swimwear looks out there, imitating runway designs and drawing inspiration from celebrity fashion choices

If you’re a fan of one-pieces or love to dive into new territories of swimwear fashion, this post is for you. Here’s a deep dive into some of our favorite one-piece swimsuit styles!

Over the shoulder

Surie Mariot One-Piece Swimsuit

For the ones that love something sleek and simple, a seamless one-shoulder suit is a great choice. 

Especially when it’s in a rich combination of shades like black and beige, this one-piece creates a relaxed elegance. 

While a one-shoulder without any detailing looks more conventional than other pieces on this list, the asymmetrical shape is a far cry from the traditional swimsuit cut, making it easier to stand out without too much effort.

This style is simple but effective. 

Cut it out

Capri Royal Blue One-Piece

 A one-piece with a dramatic cut is the best way to nail a risqué style without ever needing a bikini. 

We’re talking about ultra-high-cut side details and a minimal back kinda risqué! 

A piece like this is going to treat your body the way it deserves by making your legs look longer, revealing your curves, and flaunting your skin under the sun. 

If you want to head down to the waves, you can use a strategically placed belt to secure this piece around your waist without compromising your style. 

Party in the back

Isabella Maillot

A swimsuit with straps that go across your back is the perfect combination of modernity and femininity. 

If you’re looking for a less conventional piece that doesn’t reveal too much of your chest, a back-strapped one-piece is an ideal wardrobe choice. 

For an even better effect, consider trying this style in bold shades like red, vermillion, or black—a fierce choice to complement the sunset. 

Ruffle it up

Joy Melrose

Ruffled arms are a unique look in the world of swimwear. With a ruffled one-piece, you nail a look that’s feminine and chic. 

A swimsuit that combines the ruffles with a V neckline can add to the charm and create a look that you can’t deny. 

This style is perfect when it’s in serene tones—think lavender or melrose—that can create a romantic look and is the ideal piece for more than one occasion. 

With this suit on, you’re ready to trek along the beach, spend an evening by the pool or double it up as a bodysuit for a night out!

Plunge in

Ariana Swimsuit

Plunge into a new territory of swimwear with a one-piece swimsuit sporting a deep V and shoulder strap details. 

The deep neckline enhances your upper body, lets you reveal just the right amount of skin, and is the right mix of retro chic. 

A plunging one-piece that comes in calming blue tones can make you look radiant and elegant on your tropical vacation. Subtle colors like pale turquoise, or periwinkle will have you channeling Venus on a shell as you spend your days with the sand, foam, and waves.

Keyhole cutouts


A keyhole detailed one-piece swimsuit? Paired with open sides? Say bye to bikinis, this style creates the perfect illusion of a two-piece.  

For the one-piece gals who aren’t totally convinced by bikinis, this number is just the right all-in-one piece. It offers support, it’s secure around the torso, and lets you kill it on the beach or the pool.

The keyhole detail accentuated with bamboo or metallic rings adds the perfect accessory to your swimwear style. With a design like this, you can pull off a glam look effortlessly without needing too many accessories!

Slay it with one-piece swimsuit styles!

Whether you want coverage and extra support to dive into the waves or a sultry design that accentuates your body in all the right places—today’s one-piece swimsuit styles have it all.