OW Collection: Where minimalism and multifunctionality collide

With concepts like the capsule wardrobe and the minimalist wardrobe propping up, conscious fashion is gaining immense popularity by the day. 

Multifunctional fashion together with sustainability aids the conscious fashion movement, and is the essence of OW Collection’s mission.

Offering multi-purpose, versatile pieces inspired by a soft, minimalist aesthetic from Scandinavia, the brand’s ultimate mission is to contribute to and be part of a more sustainable swimwear fashion market, while helping women express their innate power and exude their inner confidence.  

We spoke to the CEO and designer of OW Collection, Sonja, to learn more about how the brand came to be and its core values.

Q: How did your brand come together and why was it created?

A: I grew up in a small country called the Faroe Islands. My mom, aunt, grandparents, and great-grandparents have always made clothes since I can remember. I got the idea at the beginning of my 20s. 

I saw a gap in the market with Scandinavian, minimalistic underwear that could be styled and shown cohesively with an outfit at an affordable price and scaled it from there to swimwear, beach cover-ups, dresses, and now outerwear.

Q: Digging deeper into how Scandinavian soft minimalism is at the heart of your brand, what is special about this design aesthetic?

A: The brand DNA and design stem from my background growing up on the Faroe Islands the mix of nature, the earthy colour palette, and the overall simplicity with an eye for detail. 

It’s important for us to create relevant, multi-use clothing that can be worn, moved in, and styled in multiple ways.

Q: It’s clear that modernity and comfort are also core values of your brand. Did you feel that there was a lack of these qualities in the swimwear fashion market when you created your label?

A: There are a lot of swimwear brands out there so it’s hard to say some qualities haven’t been created before. 

A lot of the swimwear brands I’ve tried before I started my own line have been poor quality, which is why I always ensure that we deliver the best quality possible, with double layering that gives support in the right areas and pieces that are comfortable to move in. 

When it comes to designing swimwear, we love creating something new and not seen before with fabrics, cutouts, and prints with our Scandinavian brand DNA at their core. 

There’s a long way from idea to product and what a lot of brands find challenging is manufacturing; finding suppliers that can make complicated cutouts and detailing. What differentiates us from other brands is that we push through it, don’t settle when we’re not satisfied, and never give up until we get the result that we want.

Q: Multi-purpose fashion and versatility are factors that are important to your brand. We love that your pieces often contrast and complement each other so they can be worn repeatedly in different ways. Why is this important to you and how do you achieve this?

A: We design relevant multi-use pieces, meaning they can be mixed, matched, worn, and styled in multiple ways. 

The main reason we do this is because of sustainabilitywe don’t like to waste and we like our items in our closet to last for a very long time and be worn in multiple ways.

Q: Your brand is clearly big on sustainability. How do you make sure your clothing lives up to this? What are the sustainability practices of your label?

A: Being sustainable is really important to us and sustainability means so many things like producing close to where the product is sold, the work environment, how the fabric and accessories are being made, the shipping of the product, and so much more. 

We optimise and learn every day. We’re proud to say our production and warehousing are closer to where the product is sold, our poly bags are 100% recycled, and our latest swim collection is made with 100% recycled polyamide with UV50 factor protection.

Swimwear to unleash the mystique within you

The sustainable pieces, the soft Scandinavian aesthetic, and the ability to switch up and mix and match your clothing is the beachwear trifecta you’ve been looking for. 

Shop OW Collection for minimalist and multi-use must-haves.