The hottest swimwear trends of 2022

Swimwear trends of 2022

Part of the fun when it comes to planning out your summer—whether it is to spend your days by the pool or go on a long, tropical vacation—is choosing the perfect swimsuit. 

Instead of going for the same old options you always go for, take this chance to try out some of the hottest new trends out there. 

Fashion is one of the fastest-changing industries, which means you never run out of new things to try—including swimwear styles. 

Read on to see some of the best swimwear trends of 2022 that will define your summer, à la mode!

Unconventional asymmetrical wear

Even swimwear has high-fashion options. 

An asymmetrical swimsuit is one of the most anticipated high-fashion swimwear trends for 2022. 

This is perfect for fashion rule-breakers who are looking for something that cuts a different silhouette from your average swimsuit shape. 

The most frequently spotted type of asymmetrical swimsuit is the one-shoulder bikini top or one-piece that pops a strap over one shoulder while leaving the other bare. 

Some other asymmetrical styles showcase keyhole cuts on one side, mesh sections, and asymmetrical swim dresses. 

High-cut pieces that show off your curves

Try this style for that fresh-off-the-runway look. 

The high-cut leg has become so popular this year that the look is now recreated and repurposed in different swimsuit designs. 

The deep leg opening elongates your legs and accentuates your curves at the waist. If you want a more flexible type of high-cut swimwear, you can opt for bikinis with string-tie bottoms that let you adjust the cut to your mood and preference.

The higher cut is not just a great look. The deeper leg opening gives you more mobility, making it perfect for throwing yourself into all kinds of vacation activities, whether it's a picnic on the beach or diving into the waves.

Cheeky cutout designs

Cutouts on swimsuits are the perfect, cheeky mix of elegance and comfort. These are pieces that have strategic windows cut into them to let you show off just the right amount of skin. 

The most common designs of this type are the keyholes cut on the ribs or stomach, side cuts, and one-piece swimsuits with open sides. 

A growing trend in cutout swimwear—that we’re bound to see more of in 2022—is the use of extra strap details to create the cutout. 

Whatever your body type or beach vibe is, cutout designs have something for everyone!

Stand out in neon colours

Another thing to look forward to in swimwear trends of 2022? The fact that 80s neon colours are making a striking comeback. 

These eye-catching shades like hot pink, electric blue, and lemon are replacing the minimalist designs and neutral shades of recent years. 

One thing we can say about them for certain is that you will definitely stand out from the crowd when you’re donning a neon-coloured piece. 

If you want to make an impact at your next pool party, this is definitely your pick. 

Boho chic inspired looks

Bohemian styles with geometric patterns and intricate details are an all-time favourite. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of swimwear. 

Instead of the typical fabrics, these swimsuits lean towards more comfortable materials like cotton or even crocheted fabrics. 

These suits are detailed with fringes on bikini tops, halter necklines, braided designs, beads and seashells, tassels, and ruffles. 

If you want to try something unique but still understated, this style may become your next go-to. 

Head into next summer with the hottest swimwear trends of 2022

When you start your summer shopping, try something outside the traditional silhouette or colour. 

With the latest swimwear trends in 2022, you’ll have a range of styling opportunities for all body types and vacation moods. 

Don't let your style falter when you head into the water. Wear something new and trendy to make 2022 a summer you will never forget.