The top swimsuit looks we saw in the year 2021

The swimsuit industry never stops when it comes to stacking the shelves with new designs, and breathing new life into tried-and-tested designs.

Modern swimwear isn’t just focused on the function of swimwear, but also how aesthetic and fashionable they make their wearers. Today, it’s also about how you make a statement and express your unique style. 

Out of the many trends in swimwear that came out in the past year, here are the top swimsuit looks that were loved across the globe. 

Unique necklines to cut a bolder figure

Halter necklines have always been one of the most popular types of swimsuits. It’s trendy and adds a perfect, effortless style to your swimwear.  

One of the most popular halter looks this year was the wrap halter top, which crosses in the front. This look dominated the fashion world, from designer swimsuit looks on Instagram to top vacation and beach party outfits in 2021. 

The plunging neckline halter was another winning look. It elongates and enhances your figure and is a perfect choice if you don’t mind showing a little extra skin.  

A callback to retro ring details

More looks are incorporating ring details, a throwback to retro swimwear designs but for the modern age.  

In this versatile design, you’ll find ring embellishments made of metal, and plastic imitating marble or bamboo, placed strategically on the waistline, at the cleavage, on the straps or sleeves.  

While some of the rings hold your straps and suits together. Some are there for decoration and to elevate your look.  

Whether it’s a part of your swimwear, or there for the aesthetic, you can't deny the power of this trend.  

Plenty of straps to go around

The more the merrier when it comes to straps. This applies to almost anything we wear from sandals and dresses to swimwear. 

Swimsuits with straps allow a multitude of advantages to their wearers. With a couple of extra straps, you can make different design statements—crisscross back, lace-up necklines, bodices imitating the corset style, lace-up sides, cutout sides, or double-strapped tops. 

Multi-strapped swimwear also became one of the top swimsuit looks because of how flexible they are.  

For example, if you want your swimsuit to be a little cinched in, straps can help you out there. If you want more structure to help your posture, straps do that too. 

Feeling cosy in ribbed fabric 

It’s not just about the aesthetic alone.  

Along with evolving style, the swimwear industry is also focusing more on how comfortable swimsuits are; especially when it comes to different fabrics. One of the rising stars in swimwear fabrics in 2021 was ribbed material. 

Ribbed material is now moving on from sweatshirts and t-shirts into swimwear territory, bringing you swimsuits that feel soft and comfortable on the skin.  

Because of their elasticity, ribbed-fabric swimwear hugs your curves at just the right places and compliments your figure. It also provides texture with the ribbed design, making even block colours look interesting.  

Turning heads in metallics

Another thing we saw in 2021? Metallic accessories sewn into swimsuits.  

Details like rhinestones, sequined fabrics, and glitter suits make an eye-catching statement in the sun. 

If you’re someone who doesn't typically accessorise their swimwear, these metallic details got you covered. You can enhance your look without having to wear any jewellery because your suit comes with it! 

With a rhinestone neckline, you can forego the necklaces. A sequined swimsuit is a perfect choice for a poolside event or a beach party

Wherever you go, these metallics will make sure you travel with a spotlight. 

2021’s swimsuit looks are setting the tone for an exciting 2022

If there’s one thing the top swimsuit looks of the year have taught us, it’s that fashion never goes on vacation—even when we do.

With a swimsuit that does wonders to your silhouette and makes you stand out on waves or on the beach, these new looks are the ideal addition to your vacation essentials.