The top travel destinations for you (and your swimwear!) in 2022

The top travel destinations for you (and your swimwear!) in 2022

With 2022 just around the corner, there has never been a better time to visit some of the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world, and no summer vacation would be complete without a dip in the waves.

Whether it’s the smell of the sea, the golden sands, or the tan you get from the sun, nothing spells summer better than a day out on the beach. 

That means it’s also the best time to bring out the designer swimwear that accentuates your perfect features and helps you feel your most confident self when you soak up the sun. 

Without further ado, here are the best travel destinations for you and your swimwear in 2022!

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

If you’re a sucker for an idyllic summer getaway surrounded by pristine beaches, breathtaking mountains, and the stunning blue sea, then the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand are your best bet. 

An archipelago of six paradise islands, the Phi Phi islands offer you a wide variety of activities to enjoy.

Whether you want a hair-raising rock-climbing adventure, try your hand at cooking a local delicacy, go for a swim with the sharks, or just want to whip out your shades and get that perfect tan—there’s always something to do when you visit Phi Phi.

Playa Cala Sa Boadella, Spain

Are the calm, warm, and relaxed Mediterranean beaches more your thing? 

Then this picturesque beach cove in the Iberian Peninsula might just hit all the right notes. 

Whether you’re travelling with your loved ones or on your own, the Playa Cala Sa Boadella is the perfect place to escape. The best part is, you won’t find it hard to discover a secluded spot on this stretch of sand to enjoy your day out with your most comfortable beachwear, as the beach is protected by the Mediterranean’s rocky mountains—you’ll find plenty of tranquillity in its mere 250 metres. 

Seven-mile beach, Grand cayman

Whenever we talk about beautiful beaches, we have to mention the countless Caribbean beaches that give you a glimpse of paradise on earth. 

From the steel drums to the Calypso dance to the colourful food you can find on these golden shores, the Caribbean sands are one of the best places to head to in 2022.

Among its many beautiful beaches, our favourite is the seven-mile beach in Grand Cayman. 

With turquoise waters, bone-white sand, and coconut palms, it has everything you want in a perfect summer destination.

Cape Drastis, Corfu Island, Greece

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you decide to visit Greece in 2022. With many beautiful islands that are off the beaten track, you can find the perfect place to peace out in this stunning, picturesque location. 

Cape Drastis in the northern part of Corfu Island is one of our favourite beaches among the many stunning options you will find. If you love a good hike to get to the beach, then you’ll love this destination. 

Opening up to a sunny cove with crystalline waters, the hike to Cape Drastis is well worth the effort and gives you a sense of adventure. Leave the pressures of city life behind and become a part of nature when you don your swimsuit and take a dip in its pristine waters.

Langkawi, Malaysia

You may think we prefer archipelagos—the truth is we do, and why not?

Among the very best, Langkawi is one of our favourite places to visit of all time and one of the most treasured travel destinations—it’s a popular feature on plenty of best-places-to-visit lists!

Although popular, you can also find many quiet spots to spend your summer evenings soaking in the warm waters of Malaysia. 

You can also take a stroll on the Langkawi bridge, go for a dive in one of its many hotspots, and explore the underwater world and wildlife park—you’ll never be short on things to do when you visit this bountiful location. 

Save your dates, pack your swimsuit and start planning your next vacation today

With the new year approaching at breakneck speed, it’s the perfect time for you to book your dates to take a vacation to these breathtaking beaches in 2022. 

While we wait for things to become safer once more, plan your adventures and shop your favourite swimwear well in advance for a long-awaited holiday you’ll never forget!