Waikiki: Inclusivity meets luxury


When it comes to creating luxury swimwear, Waikiki is on a mission to produce swimwear that makes you feel good, and look good, all while having a minimal impact on the environment.

The brand burst on the swimwear scene in 2018 when the mission of inclusivity and style that was truly made for everyone was a rarity.

We spoke to the founder of Waikiki to learn more about what inspired the inclusive, luxury fashion brand and how it broke boundaries.

Q. Your swim and athleisure brand message is about empowering women. Could you tell us a little bit more about why this was important to you?

A: It's never easy to find the right suit. Back in 2018, when we started our brand, it wasn’t that popular yet to have a sustainable and body-positive brand that caters to any type of shape in Europe.

While growing up, feeling confident was always a luxury never a given, especially on the beach. Finding the perfect suit that was flattering was such a luxury because it would actually make you feel more confident and beautiful. This starts from the inside, and with a little help from us, we wanted women to feel amazing on the beach and while working out.

Q. We love that you believe in designing for everyone, no matter someone’s shape, size, or sense of style. Why is this important to your brand?

A: Nobody should feel like something is not for them. They shouldn’t look at a certain piece of clothing and think oh that looks nice on her but it wouldn’t suit me.

In these times, more and more women are embracing themselves for who they are and that’s amazing! We want to cater to everybody and let them know if you think it's beautiful, then wear it, because you are beautiful. Fashion is not only for certain body types, gender, or types of looks, it’s supposed to be a luxury for everybody to feel confident in whatever they want to wear and what speaks to them.

Q: The reason you came on to the swimwear scene was to change up the status quo. Can you tell us a little more about that?

A: Back in 2018, like I said before, we had almost zero sustainable and body-positive swimwear brands. It just wasn’t on the market, especially not in Europe, because you would need to order from Canada or USA or AUS, and shipping and customs would be so expensive!

So I wanted to bring the most beautiful styles to make it more accessible in the EU for everybody. But also focus on the international market.

We have very high-quality, luxury materials; all double lined, no white fabrics on the inside, seaming on the side, or cutting into skin. The most comfortable and flattering swimwear you can buy was very important for us at the right price point.

Q: You believe in timeless style and long-lasting pieces. Why is this important to you and how do your sustainability practices help?

A: Yes, we really want to bring sustainability more into focus by creating high-quality and long-lasting designs with beautiful colours and fabrics so you can enjoy your suit for many years. I’ve had my suits since 2018 and they are still gorgeous and I wear them every year. This is why our price point is higher than say an H&M because those bikinis and suits are just a waste, as you can throw them out after one holiday.

Q: What is your design style and what makes you a cut above the rest?

A: We have a very large selection of styles and colours, so we can cater to many different styles and tastes. I love that we offered a very large colourway in different unique pieces before, and with our new collection, we’ve designed our own ICE FABRIC, which is so tender and soft it feels like silk on your skin and is made of recycled materials.

This is really our USP right now. It's so stretchy and so soft you will never want to take it off, as for the athleisurewear it's designed to accentuate the right places and the materials are lightweight and buttery soft.

Q: Can you tell us how the beautiful island of Hawaii influences your style aesthetic?

A: Our inspiration came from the name Waikiki, which means free water. We translate this into free spirit, splashing and having fun as free water does.

For us it means embracing, enjoying, and accepting yourself the way you are and not caring about anybody's opinion, if it makes you feel beautiful then we have reached our goal!

Waikiki—swimwear for the free spirits

Choosing between style and swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful isn't a choice you need to make with Waikiki. Shop swimwear in designs that truly stand the test of time.

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