5 Best celebrity-inspired designer swimsuit looks

A beach getaway or pool day is your time to soak in the sun and while away the hours with your toes in the waves. In our opinion, all that begins with your wardrobe. 

A swimsuit that’s the wrong cut and leaves you having to hike them down or up, and adjust every time you move, is not going to help your day of relaxation and can ruin it instead. 

The right swimsuit, on the other hand, is a secret weapon. 

It can make you feel at ease and give you confidence that will be visible on the outside. It can also help you accentuate your body and enhance your features, which is why choosing your swimwear inspiration is the very first step before any holiday under the sun. 

Inspiration is everywhere—from your favourite shows and movies to your mood boards for your next getaway. Some designer swimsuit looks deserve a celebrity status of their own for all the swimwear lines they’ve inspired.

Here are five of our personal favourites for iconic designer swimsuit looks.

The Bond girl

Whether you’re taking a page out of Halle Berry’s book or her predecessor Ursula Andress, add a flair to your beachwear with your accessories. 

Choose something that you wouldn’t generally associate with beachwear. If chunky buckles (or weapon holsters) just aren’t for you, opt for a tie-up, a vintage high waist, a zipper, studded or bejewelled pieces, or go the Princess Leia route with a textured pattern.

The key here is just that little extra touch that can take any beach or pool day up a notch. It’s what can separate a regular swimsuit you picked at random, from designer swimwear that showcases your style and vibe.   

Cut it out

A well-placed cutout can add just the right amount of flair and comfort, and let’s face it—they’re a vibe. 

Whether it’s a one-piece or a two-piece, a cutout can elevate your look and has been used to do just that for nearly a century.

Since the keyhole cut that was first spotted in the 30s, cutouts have gained much traction over the years, stealing looks and sealing the deal from the red carpet to the spotless beaches.

A cutout is a deceptively simple way to change your swimsuit game. 

The perfect match

Opposites attract and sometimes the perfect match for your swimwear is a mismatched set. 

This is one way to refresh your beach wardrobe from the same, tired swimsuit you wear all the time, by just swapping out a piece with one from a different set. 

All you need is a little perspective (and maybe shopping for separate pieces you love on their own). 

You could also go the complete opposite direction and create a perfectly coordinated beach look. We don’t just mean matching your bikini bottom to your bikini top by the way. 

Cover-ups and beach wraps add an all-new flair and a whole sea of options to your swimwear. Go all the way by matching your cover-up to your swimsuit or play with textures, colours, and endless possibilities this option provides. 

Classic Baywatch 

Whether you’ve done your own slow-mo run through the sand or bought your plunging, high-cut, red swimsuit à la Baywatch, our list wouldn’t be complete without this. 

Baywatch didn’t just catapult that beach run onto everyone’s radar, it also showed us the power of a great one-piece. These sleek, designer swimsuit pieces have great staying power and you’re sure to find a style (or styles) that you love.

You can never go wrong by investing in a high-quality one-piece. 

Prints, prints, prints

This one may go back to One Million Years B.C., the movie (not the year) with Raquel Welch’s animal print, but the prints have stuck around. 

In fact, the popularity of leopard-print swimwear has increased by 445% in just the past twelve months. What more could we possibly say?

If you haven’t seen a print swimsuit that you wanted to teleport into your wardrobe by now, you probably haven’t been shopping in the right places. 

There’s designer swimsuit inspiration everywhere you look

Trends come and go but style is forever, and you want your swimsuit to be the icing on top of the cake of a great day at the beach or the poolside. 

Whether this article inspired your hunt for new beachwear or made you look at your pieces with a newfound respect for the possibilities, we hope you feel comfortable and confident on your next getaway—don’t forget to pack sunscreen.