A guide to choosing flattering swimwear for women

Imagine yourself on the beach, soaking up the sun. Whether you’re wading through the waves or working on your tan on the shore, to complete your picture-perfect fantasy, you need the right swimwear.

Choosing flattering swimwear, however, doesn’t just come down to the right size or the best fit for your body. The most stunning looks by the pool or at the beach are carefully curated, and it all begins with the types of swimwear you choose. 

Everything from the design and the style to the color of your swimwear play incredibly important roles. Above all, the way you feel in your swimwear as you walk through the crowds or even glide through the waves, all comes down to what you choose to wear. 

The good news is that today, there’s almost no end to the variety you enjoy.

So, before you pack your bags or shop for your vacation outfits, here’s a look at some of the most flattering swimwear for women!

Go for a bold style with a bikini

This two-piece design is often considered one of the most flattering swimwear for women because it enhances the female form; if this is a piece of clothing you feel comfortable in, it’s a powerful way to express your confidence. 

Among bikini tops, alone, there’s plenty of variety to get lost in. 

  • Triangle tops are minimalist, adjustable tops with straps that go around your neck and back and are perfect if you’re looking for a more classic look. 
  • Halter tops come with trendy strap details that fasten around the neck, offering support to your chest, particularly if you have a large bust. 
  • Bandeau tops are strapless and feature soft cups or boning to hold them in place. Given its strapless designs, you’re likely to see fewer tan lines with this piece!
  • Underwire tops come with wired support under the bust, pushing up and supporting the breasts and adding a certain definition to your upper body.  

Beyond just tops though, bikini bottoms also come in various cuts and designs. These include:

  • Cheeky bottoms that come with a low cut, exposing your bottom and creating the illusion of a fuller body. 
  • High-waisted bottoms generally come up to your waist. These cover your stomach, accentuate your curves, and create a slimming silhouette.
  • Stringed bottoms feature low-rise bottoms with ties on both sides that make your hips look fuller and legs look longer. 
  • Swim shorts provide modest and practical coverage around the bottom and thighs. They’re ideal if you’re planning to take part in vigorous water sports!
  • Swim skirts are similar to the shorts as they offer coverage, but they also add a more feminine flair to your bikini. 

Choose a chic tankini 

Tankini gets its name from the combination of tank tops with bottoms that make a comfortable choice for a day at the beach. 

This unique style offers more coverage than a bikini while giving you the versatility of mixing and matching two pieces. It’s also a more practical choice for those who love to style a two-piece outfit without the fear of a mishap as you cut through the waves. 

Make a timeless debut in a one-piece

The one-piece bathing suit hugs all your curves in all the right places while offering optimal coverage, making it another great way to flaunt your style at the pool or beach. 

The best part is that there are plenty of different styles you can try to add a little glam to the conventional one-piece. The latest trends include unconventional straps, plunging necklines, and cutout details—when included in high-quality swimsuit designs with stunning and sustainable fabrics, you know you’ve got a winner.  

Look stunning in a swim-dress 

These bathing suits combine both practical coverage and unique style in swimwear that imitates a dress. 

If you’re looking for a piece that provides coverage for your lower body, especially your bottom and thighs, but also possesses plenty of feminine charm, this is a perfect choice!

Choose flattering swimwear for women for memorable days in the sun and sand 

Your style has everything to do with your personality and attitude. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to express yourself with the endless variety of flattering swimwear for women.

Today, you have the freedom to express who you are, exactly how you want to.