A new take on the age-old debate: The bikini or the one-piece?

bikini or the one-piece

From sensual two pieces and sporty suits to stunning swim dresses, swimwear comes in different shapes and sizes. Sure, this means there are plenty of amazing options, but it also makes picking the perfect piece more of a challenge—a big one, at that. 

One of the oldest dilemmas when it comes to swimwear is whether to go for a bikini or a one-piece. With so many outfit inspirations dominating style blogs, Instagram pages, and fashion magazines, this choice can only become more of a nail-biter. 

So, which is the best fit for your body, style and even travel destination? Let’s find out. 

Bikinis are a classic, tried-and-tested choice

Bikinis are always a great way to flaunt your curves and are a popular choice for a number of reasons. 

A sultry choice for a day of relaxation

Bikinis are an excellent way to soak up the sun, get that tan you’ve been yearning for and stay cool and breezy as you recline by the pool. 

If you’re planning on wearing a bikini for slightly more strenuous activities like a beach sport or a quick hike, there are specific designs you can choose from, like the underwire bra or halter tops that offer a more tight and comfortable fit. 

A variety of designs to flaunt your body

When it comes to bikinis, there’s an endless variety of ways to dress for a day in the water—from string bikinis and cheeky bottoms to ones that offer more coverage like high-waisted bottoms

Today, you will find styles that fit every type of body!

Designs and styles that can be mixed and matched

The best thing about bikinis is that they allow you to mix and match, switching different styles according to your preference. 

When you decide to switch your tops and bottoms around, you can recreate your favorite celebrity looks, mix color palettes and flaunt your style and body in the best way possible. 

One-pieces are a great way to reinterpret tradition 

One-piece swimwear is a great choice if you’re looking for a little more coverage and want to take on a classic style and make it your own.

A practical choice for adventures

A one-piece is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for heart-pumping activities, like surfing or jet skiing because it provides a tighter fit and helps you move around in comfort and ease. 

When you don your one-piece, you can head into the strongest waves or take part in sports and recreational activities with complete confidence, without the fear of unexpected wardrobe malfunctions—a feat that’s difficult to achieve with a two-piece suit!

Diverse styles to choose from

Even conventional one-pieces now come in various style options. From different cuts and colors, you can find everything from stunning monochromes that enhance your figure to color-block patterns that add an extra pop to your swimwear.

If you want to go for a bolder, more memorable look, you can always try celebrity favorites like the plunging neckline and cutout details. 

A versatile piece for other outfits 

One of the best things about one-pieces is that they also work great as standalone tops that you can pair with shorts, skirts, and even pants if you’re looking for a quick day-to-night outfit. 

Or maybe you want a more relaxed fit for your tropical vacation? Consider tucking your timeless one-piece into a sheer skirt or a pair of wide-leg pants for a look that’s a summer favorite.

A bikini or a one-piece—it’s all about what makes you feel good

Good swimwear is the best friend we all deserve. 

They offer great support, make it easier to take on the kind of adventures you love—be it as extreme as surfing or as tranquil as sunbathing—and above all, they make us feel good about ourselves. 

So, when you pick your swimwear for your next adventure, think about how you want to look and feel. Whether it’s a classic one-piece or a sultry bikini, you can’t go wrong if it makes you feel like your best self.