Animal print swimsuits you need to get your paws on

Animal print swimsuits

Whether it’s inspired by nature, or the unique outfits it lets us create, there’s something about animal prints that has always attracted bold fashionistas. From sultry snake prints to elegant peacock feathers, animal prints are a trend that never goes out of style. 

They have their origin 120,000 years ago when early humans used animal skin to protect themselves when nature turned against them. As time went by, these became a symbol of wealth and power, and of course, impeccable style. 

Today, however, brands aim for more ethical practices, focusing on fabrics that imitate animal skin instead of using the hide directly. 

Gear up because we’re about to take you on a trek through some of the most beautiful animal print swimsuits out there!

The fierce dalmatian

There’s no denying that the dalmatian print is one of the most underrated prints out there. 

The black and white shades that resemble man’s best friend are going to give you a look that’s subtle but stylish. 

Its ability to merge simplicity with elegance has made dalmatian print fabrics a favorite of those who want a more low-key color palette but still want to make a lasting style statement. 

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of outfit options with this amazing look. From bandeau-style bikini tops to swim dresses, you’ll have a badass look akin to a surf-ready Cruella de Vil (without the ethical conundrum)—these prints strike the right balance between charming and luxe!

The enchanting snake

Snakeskin wear is a reigning king in the fashion world—dominating the streets and the most high-end runways. 

Now, with the same print gracing your swimwear, you’re going to look and feel like a true enchantress as you walk along the beach or recline by the pool in your cobra print bikini.  

If you like a more elevated look, a snake print swimsuit with straps that wrap around your bust or your back will have you feeling right at home with the tropical aesthetic we all deserve on our beach vacations. 

The exotic cheetah 

If you’re looking for a more classic animal print swimsuit to create a sumptuous outfit, a cheetah print swimsuit is right on the money. 

In the world of swimwear, cheetah prints are now available with modern twists—sexy bandeau designs or with belts hugging your waist. 

Outside the water, this look is still ideal for a night out. Tuck a one-piece cheetah print swimsuit or cheetah print bikini top into leather pants, throw on a jacket, and voila, you’re a contemporary Catwoman!

The fiery tiger

You can look fiery in the bold black streaks splashed across the flaming crimson background of a tiger print suit. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy outfit, this animal print swimsuit hits all the right notes.

A tiger print string bikini with a high cut is going to hug your curves and make you look as glorious and powerful as the majestic creature you’re paying homage to as you stride across the beach. 

The dynamic leopard

The leopard print is a favorite in the fashion world that never goes out of style.

It’s also one of the top swimsuit looks of the year, making it a timeless classic for both bikini lovers and those who swear by a good one-piece. In a leopard print one-shoulder swimsuit or a strapped bikini that hugs your curves, you’re going to look as sleek and bold as a leopard. 

Or maybe you want a more subtle look? Swap the tan leopard for a more luxurious white background with black stripes. The contrast of the snow leopard look is refined but not any less daring.

The spirited zebra

For the ladies who love going a little retro, the zebra pattern is for you. This design was a mainstay of runways in the 70s, and is now making a striking comeback in modern swimwear. 

So if you’re looking for a perfect combo of print with a touch of flair, the zebra print is waiting for you. Whether you wrap a halter zebra top or opt for a cheekier triangle bikini, this print will liven up any outfit. 

What’s more, now the natural back and white look is transcending into new territories adopting more colors to display those unmistakable stripes. 

Animal print swimsuits—strut with style

Whether it’s for a party, crystal-clear waters, or the streets, when you put on your favorite animal print swimsuits you can enjoy untamed freedom of style as you stride. 

Go wild with your beachwear and swimwear today and make your beach holidays unforgettable!