Best tropical destinations to visit next summer

tropical travel destinations

When the summer sun is out and you’re planning your escape to paradise, a tropical destination is one of the best places to visit. 

Their natural beauty and warm weather, combined with the numerous opportunities they present to explore, make them a favorite spot for peace-loving tourists and adventurous travelers alike.

So when you head out on your tropical adventure, where will you go? A rolling beach in the Caribbean? Or maybe a peaceful sanctuary in Bali?

While you do your research, here are some of the top travel destinations you can try. Sit back, read, and take your pick!

Saint Lucia - Caribbean 

There’s no tropical vacation like one in the Caribbean. 

Its crystalline waters and beaches that stretch on forever have made Saint Lucia beach one of the top romantic vacation destinations for years. 

Whether you’re heading on a solo quest to treat yourself or enjoy some calm with your beloved, Saint Lucia beach will not disappoint you. 

It doesn’t lack options on the activity side of things either. The volcanic black sands can give you the best beach shots and are one of the most unique scenes you’ll come across. 

Saint Lucia is always bustling with festivals and celebrations too, like Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) where you can get a glimpse of local culture. 

If you’re looking for a different escape and decide to take a look around, you might even recognize the Marigot Bay from the big screen. This is where Captain Jack Sparrow himself steered the Black Pearl. 

Bali - Indonesia

Whatever your mind seeks to get some solace from a busy schedule, Bali has it. 

There are plenty of activities available for tourists who are seeking some quietude to relax and unwind. You can find your zen at one of more than 20,000 temples or at one of the many yoga studios; you can even let yourself be pampered and cared for at a spa. 

For the wilder spirits, the waves are ready. From surfing and snorkeling to skimming through the waters in a jet ski, there’s an endless amount of sports for you.  

For the curious explorers, Bali is host to UNESCO heritage sites like Pura Ulun Danu Beratan on the shores of Lake Beratan, and the garden and temple of Taman Ayun. 

Maui - Hawaii 

Give your adventure-seeking heart or loved one a treat in Maui!

This Hawaiian paradise has an activity ready for adventurers of all kinds and ages. From secluded beaches to relax and adrenaline-pumping hikes that quench your thirst for discovery, to world-class snorkeling and diving lessons to try your hand at a new skill. 

If your summer vacation destination is Maui, don’t forget to visit the Road to Hana, and drink in the sights as you take the route. 

Nature lovers can also experience whale watching, horseback tours on West Maui Mountains, and Zipline tours on the North Shore. 

Aruba - Caribbean 

Kitesurfing anyone? Adrenaline junkies will live their best life on this wonderful island full of activity. 

Aruba’s beaches are one of the world’s top tourist spots because of all the activities it has to offer. But it doesn’t end there! If you’re on the other end of the adventure spectrum and are looking for opportunities to explore on your own, the white beaches and the coves await you.

The cultural and historical sites offer you plenty of fun facts and stories. The Alta Vista Chapel; Antilla, the largest shipwreck in the South Caribbean, the Bushiribana Ruins, and the California Lighthouse, all come with a tale of their own. 

Aruban nightlife makes sure the fun continues after the sun goes down. 

The beachfront lounges, exhilarating casinos, and lively clubs make it easy to sip cocktails, make friends, and dance your heart away until dawn.

Have a holiday to remember

These tropical paradises have something to offer everyone. Whether you’re after a refreshing, laid-back holiday or an exciting adventure you’ll remember forever. 

When next summer rolls around, don’t wait around. 

Your tropical paradise awaits!