Choosing the best swimsuit for your body type

best swimsuit for your body type

When we pick swimwear, we don’t just look for something that looks good and lets us swim well; it’s also about how good it makes us feel.

One thing to remember about choosing the perfect piece is that swimwear is never one size fits all. We all come in different sizes and shapes and have different style needs too. 

So, if you’re shopping for new swimwear, it all comes first down to your specific body shape and what style of swimwear complements your features the most.

Here’s a quick shopping guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type. 

The harmonious hourglass

If you have an hourglass body, it means your body is curvier than most and mimics the shape of an hourglass. 

So, when you’re on a swimsuit shopping spree or planning your next vacation, we recommend that you try suits that accentuate your natural features. 

Subtle details can let you flaunt your curves; think string ties along the hips and Brazilian bikinis.

Monochrome one-piece swimsuits can define your curves too. Its plain canvas will help you draw attention from the details and to your features, letting you stand tall and proud of your body.


The pear: phenomenal and poised

pear-shaped body resembles a triangle with a defined waist and hips that are more defined than the top section. 

Tops with puffed-up details can look amazing for your body type. Look for pieces that have ruffled or frilled tops, as they can add some style to your top section.

Frilled, off-shoulder bikini tops, for example, are a fantastic choice. Boho suits that come with flowy tops and lace or intricately embroidered details can also help you give attention to your natural features. 



Angelic apples

If you’re blessed with a fuller bust, hip, and waist, that means you have an apple-shaped body type.

We love it when our apple-shaped angels embrace your amazing features.

Try suits that skim over your midsection instead of hiding. Look for details like belts, ties, and strings that hug around the waist and accentuate those angelic curves.

You can also go for deep-cut V-neck one-pieces. These add height and give you the support you need to showcase your inner confidence.




The radiant rectangle

If you have less defined features, we recommend going for tops with voluminous details. For example, if you want to add extra details around the top section, pushup tops are your best friend.

Not a fan of that? Try ruffled tops instead to complement your natural curves.

A bikini bottom with ties on either side or side cutouts can help you add definition to your lower body. Bottoms with high cut legs can also look great on you. 

Two pieces are perfect to flaunt your body while also adding more definition. 

Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with pieces that can make a chiselled outline against beautiful sceneries when you pose.



Athletic, amazing, alluring

The athletic body or the inverted triangle body type has slim hips and legs with proportionately wider shoulders and busts. 

Tops with ruffles and fringe patterns which are very popular features on swimsuits today can look stellar on you. 

Consider volume and movement on the bottom of your suit. We recommend going for ruffled bottoms and swim dresses.



Express and empower yourself with the best swimsuit for your body type

When you know how to compliment your body and present yourself in the best swimsuit for your body type, you’re going to feel confident and bold.

Every body is a beach body, and this is why everybody has something that makes them look glam on the sands!