ILOVEBELOVE: Sun, sea, and sustainability

ILOVEBELOVE is a sustainable bikini and swimwear brand hailing from sunny Spain with a diverse catalog of designs that are both beautiful and comfortable. 

Being a slow fashion brand, ILOVEBELOVE understands and appreciates the beauty of our world. All of its swimwear are created with minimal impact on the environment with the designs themselves influenced by their Mediterranean roots and the beauty of the region. 

Speaking to the founder of the brand, we got a little insight into how they started up their business and the core values of their business practices. 

Q: We learned that the brand started from a sustainable fashion project. Could you tell us a bit more about this? 

A: That's right, from the beginning it was clear to us that ILOVEBELOVE would be a sustainable, ethical and ecological fashion project, designed to walk slowly in the fashion world. 

A slow fashion brand with one main idea: to create timeless designs handmade locally with ecological fabrics.

Please tell us about the label’s environmental commitment and ecological practices.

We create limited-edition swimwear designs to control the stock so that it is not excessive. 

Our designs are born with the purpose of longevity and timelessness, avoiding trends. 

We use high quality and recycled fabrics: premium Italian fabrics, of the highest quality and excellent performance characteristics, with an ecological certificate, and mainly fabrics made from ECONYL fiber, an innovative fiber produced with nylon products, including fishing nets, which have reached the end of its useful life. 

Swimwear ILOBEVELOVE is made in a local workshop contributing to the economic and social development of our community.

Q: How do the label’s Spanish culture and Mediterranean roots inspire its style and aesthetic?

A: The calm beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and life. The color palette that surrounds us: whites, blues, earth colors, neutral colors... The simple and timeless architecture. All this is our inspiration when developing our collections.

Q: You say that comfort is important in your collections. How do you ensure that all your swimwear pieces deliver ultimate comfort to customers?

A: When we work on a new swimsuit we always take into account the comfort of use when making the pattern. We develop the design and pattern making in our studio, taking care of all the details such as leg lines, necklines or waist, the knotting of the back or straps, etc... 

We always want to ensure that in addition to being flattering, they are comfortable for the woman who wears them and can enjoy the activities offered by the sea. 

With an ILOVEBELOVE swimsuit, you can look great enjoying a glass of wine by the sea or comfortably swimming like a mermaid!

ILOVEBELOVE—bringing you the Mediterranean essence

With sustainability at the core of their business, there is no doubt ILOVEBELOVE will be a comfortable choice both in terms of their swimwear itself and the minimal impact it has on the environment.

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