The best maintenance tips for your designer swimwear

The perfect designer swimwear can be part of some of our best memories, dreamiest vacations, and help us feel comfortable and beautiful in our skin (it may even play a role in some amazing photos by the water). 

Maintaining your swimwear, however, can take a little extra effort. 

Designer wear, especially, needs careful attention to make sure it lasts long and looks as good as new every time you head into the water.

Treat your swimwear well and they’ll return the favor. Wondering how to bring out the best in your favorite swimwear? We’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading for all our best designer swimsuit maintenance tips.

Watch out for chlorine

For some types of popular swimwear fabrics, chlorine doesn’t bode well. 

Chlorine is used in most swimming pools to kill germs, but its effects can damage the colors and threads of your designer swimwear making them show signs of wear and tear much faster. 

Check the labels attached to new swimwear for instructions and see what your swimsuit’s reaction may be to chlorinated water. If the labels warn against it, you can always try a non-chlorinated pool or save your suit for the next time you take a trip down to the beach. 

Avoid rough surfaces

Craggy surfaces and sensitive fabrics never go well together, so it’s best to stay clear for the protection of your favorite designer wear. 

These surfaces can be anywhere from your local pool to a tropical beach. 

Some pool edges are textured to avoid slipping and provide you with some grip, which means you may need to watch where you sit. 

Sand and rocky beaches are also a big no if you want to avoid your swimsuit snagging. 

We know what you’re thinking, is anywhere safe for your swimsuit? 

The answer is yes. While these best practices can help you make your swimsuit last, they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your beach and pool days. 

You can get the best of both worlds by packing a blanket or towel to sit on while you bask in the sun. 

Rinse it off 

As soon as you get out of your swimsuit, rinse it with cold water. 

The sooner you get to this step, the sooner you can wash away the buildup of chlorine, oils, sunscreen, and skincare products on your suit.

To prevent bacteria buildup, use mild soaps or gentle detergents when washing. 

Bleach is one thing to avoid when taking care of your designer bathing suit. Opt for soaking your suit in a solution of water and baking soda to prevent yellowing and odors instead. 

Another thing to remember when maintaining your designer swimwear? Hand wash only. 

Washing machines make life easier, but they’re unforgivable on the sensitive materials used to make swimwear.

Hand-washing also helps you protect the extra details on your swimsuit like buckles or rings. 

If hand washing isn’t possible for you, you can try putting your swimsuit in a washing bag before dropping it in the machine. 

Store it away from the elements

Designer swimwear needs to be stored somewhere dry, away from leaking pipes, heaters, or open windows.

You might think storing your swimsuit in a plastic case is the safest way to protect it, but this can be risky. 

If your swimwear still has traces of water, the plastic prevents it from evaporating, which causes mildew buildups. 

Never iron your swimwear

Most bathing suits are made of synthetic fabrics, which makes ironing them dangerous. Synthetic materials like polypropylene, lycra, or spandex have low melting points making them flammable.

Even when your suit isn’t made of synthetic fabrics, it’s still going to be sensitive to high amounts of heat, which makes them unsuitable for ironing. 

To get wrinkle-free suits, leave them in the shade to dry, then hang them in your closet. Or use a separate storage basket, so it won’t get lost under the rest of your clothes. 

Be gentle with your swimwear

Designer swimwear is an investment. Because swimwear is manufactured with more sensitive and soft fabrics, being gentle with them is the best way to take care of them.

We know what good swimwear means to all of us who love our time by the beach and dream of vacations next to photo-worthy beaches. So, make sure you follow the right maintenance tips to protect your investment and your dream vacation outfit.