Tips for styling a one-piece bathing suit

 one-piece bathing suit

A one-piece bathing suit isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you’re on the topic of stylish swimwear. 

With new bikini trends generally stealing the spotlight, a modest one-piece is rarely what makes style headlines and becomes our swimsuit of choice when we’re heading out for a beach day. 

But what if you throw the right styles in with the right accessories? Would this still make a one-piece one of the more boring types of swimwear out there? 

Or will your accessorizing be able to turn heads and make an unexpected statement? There’s only one way to find out.

Belt it up!

A one-piece paired with a belt is a simple but effective way to cinch your waist and elevate your casual look. You’ll find pieces with sewn-in belts, but just because your suit doesn’t come with a belt, doesn’t mean you can’t add one yourself.

An elastic belt that complements the colors of your suit will enhance your curves and your outfit. Cloth belts are your best friend when you DIY-belt because you won’t need to worry about the water damage a leather belt will suffer. 

Want something fancier? Get a metal belt to hug the waist of your swimsuit. Wear it when you head off to a pool party or go down to the beach to relax till sundown for a sparkling addition to your look. 

Belts are perfect accessories for one-pieces, so don’t hesitate to go a little wild with your pairings.

Stylish sun protection

Sun protection accessories are a tropical vacation must-have; especially when you’re out on the beach. 

While hats and scarves are necessities, you can always blend functionality with a little bit of glamour. 

Wide-brimmed straw hats are a great addition for those who love a more earthy theme. Pair one with your lace or geometric one-piece swimsuit, and you’re all set for the boho-chic look. 

Get a scarf to ward off the midday sun on your shoulder and let it complement the prints and colors of your one-piece bathing suits. Throw on a monochrome scarf with printed suits and do the opposite when you choose a monochrome swimsuit. 

Metals, stones, and textures galore

Statement jewelry is a match made in heaven for monochrome one-pieces. They add an extra layer of detail to your overall look. 

Accessorize the plunging neckline or V-neck of your one-piece with a long statement necklace—feathers, beads, shells, or even metals work well for that effortless, beachy vibe. This can even take a simple swimsuit with a scoop neck, or a strapless swimsuit, to the next level.  

To match your breezy vacation, adorn yourself with statement earrings made of beads, shells, pearls, or crocheted materials; these are the perfect additions for a strappy suit or one-shoulder piece. 

Layer up 

You don’t have to limit your bathing suit to water, a one-piece is also a perfect replacement for a bodysuit to pair with denim shorts, or a miniskirt. 

It’s a flirty look that’s perfect for girls’ nights, date nights, or even a picnic on the beach. You can also add in a pair of tights and boots for a sophisticated look. Dress it down with sneakers if you want a more casual look. 

Pair your swimsuit with a maxi skirt to make an entrance at every beach or pool party you attend. A flowy, casual maxi skirt paired with sandals or wedges will have you channeling that ethereal mermaid vibe we all aspire to embody. 

To make a subtly unforgettable statement, pair a brightly patterned one-piece with a white, sheer dress. The bold shades will pop out through the sheer fabrics making the perfect combination.

Go bold, experiment, and create stunning outfits with your one-piece bathing suit!

One-piece bathing suits may seem like a bland option, but with the countless styling and accessorizing opportunities they present, we know that’s not exactly true. 

Make stunning outfits and prove there’s no limit to great style.